Welcome to Laine Land home of the Happy Skein!
I am happy to offer the following items for sale:

Handspun yarn

Natural colors and handdyed by me.

My favorite fiber to spin with is wool.  I am a Shetland addict, but I always enjoy discovering new breeds.
I particularly enjoy working from the raw fleece.  It gives me complete control on how the wool is processed.  I try to purchase wool from small producers whom I know treat their sheep with great care.

Handknitted items

For my handknits, I use my own handspun yarn or commercially available yarn, depending on the application.

While I love knitting shawls, I can knit pretty much anything you wish, from sweaters to socks or gloves.

Custom inquiries

I welcome custom inquiries for spinning, knitting or dyeing.  Please use the contact form.